Research themes

A selection of research subjects to be undertaken during the programme is given bellow. Subjects will be updated on a regular basis. Students will have the opportunity to work in teams with PhD students and faculty professors.


- Semantic Web services decomposition

- Multi-agent system for the emergence of cooperation

- My personal butler

- Multi-agent system for learning contract net strategies

- Complex negotiation strategies in electronic commerce

- Knowledge acquisition from discussions forums

- Identification of argumentation chains in conversations

- Semantic analysis system of social networks

- Automatic summarization of chat conversations

- Intelligent system to assist polyphonic music composition

- Personal assistant for on-line shopping

- Implementing a control system for a colony of robots

- Video clips retrieval via natural languages queries

- Semi-automated system for head pose annotation

- Trust and risk-taking in decision making

- Mining large collections of patient data

- Empathy agents in game playing


During research activities, the students will also have the opportunity to acquire knowledge about the methodology of research, communication skills, and technical project writing.



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Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence