PhD. student at
Politehnica University of Bucharest

Researching sensor fusion in Ambient Intelligence

I am a second year PhD student, researching ways to combine knowledge extracted from audio and video streams in order to obtain a more coherent image of the environment. My PhD. advisor is prof. Adina Magda Florea and I am a member of the AI-MAS laboratory.

My work so far includes building a JASON agent that is able to detect persons in front of the webcam and to track them using the Predator algorithm. For my bachelor's thesis, I developed a prototype distributed monitoring software for my employer, that can use machine learning to detect anomalies in system functioning.

I am also a teaching assistant for Formal Languages and Automata, and Operating Systems. I enjoy working with students very much.

Before migrating to academia, I was a Java + PHP software developer at Development Gateway.

I enjoy coding stuff, so if you have an interesting idea, feel free to contact me. My public GitHub repository is here.

In my free time, I contribute to Kleenk, a platform for smart-connecting scientific content.