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Useful conventions

  • use a Heading 4 or 5 (5 or 6 '=' signs) for a page, because this heading appears in the Wiki Sitemap;
  • inside the page use Headings 4 or 5 to obtain a small contents in the top right corner of the page;
  • use links without namespace in order to create the page in the same namespace; if pages or files are in the same namespace, do not qualify the link with the namespace: this will make the namespace easier to move and reorganize;
  • you can always find a page and see the wiki's organization with the Sitemap (also available as a button at the buttom of the page).

Organizare Wiki

  • orice activitate ar trebui sa apara in paginile project-tasks si people-tasks si in paginile participantilor;
  • orice activitate cat de cat importanta ar trebui sa aiba o pagina a ei, iar, pentru cele mai complexe, un namespace propriu, in interiorul namespace-ului :internal:projects: ;
  • orice persoana care are in sarcina activitati ar trebui sa aiba o pagina in namespace-ul :people: ;
  • namespace-ul :internal este restrictionat la citire doar membrilor aimas (cu exceptia unor resurse de interes general, e.g. phd-survival-guide;
conventions.txt · Last modified: 2012/04/08 15:20 by aolaru
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