Android Pro & Con

side project to Smart Presentation


  • Iulia Moscalenco
  • Miruna Popescu


  • Prof. Adina Magda Florea, PhD @aimas
  • Andrei Olaru, PhD, TA @aimas


Alice, Celia, Ben and Emily have just watched a scientific presentation given by Dan for the AI course, about his research approach. Now their task is to discuss it. Alice and Ben join the “Pro” group, and have to underline the positive points of Dan’s research approach. Celia and Emily form the “Con” group, and will try to find disadvantages and weak points in his approach. The Pro and Con groups each use a wall display to organize their opinions. Each member of the group enters his opinion on his smartphone, and the opinion is automatically displayed on the wall display. After each group has refined their comments, on member of each group goes to discuss with the remaining member of the other group. Now next to each wall display there are one member of the Pro group and one of the Con group. Their opinions are automatically gathered and displayed on the Wall display.

Features and Implementation details