Master of Science in

Artificial Intelligence


Programme Description

The M.Sc. programme in Artificial Intelligence - taught in English - offers to the enrolled students in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge on:

Careers for M.Sc. graduates in

Programme Structure and Content

ECTS: 120, Duration: 4 semesters
Type: Research

The degree requirements for students in the Artificial Intelligence programme consist of core courses, options, and supervised research culminating in a Master Thesis. The Master's Degree Programme is designed to be completed in 4 semesters, with the last semester dedicated mainly to research and the fulfillment of the Master Thesis.



Sem I
Sem II
Sem IV
  • Research activities and development of Master Thesis


       EU funded programme “Support for a successful career in AI”
       Cooperation with Serious Games Institute
       Research assistantships in AI-MAS Lab
       Scholarships in 7 EU universities: UPMC, ENPSE, Utrecht Univ.PolytechMontpellier, Univ. Catalunya,
PolytechNantes, Turku Univ.

Example of research topics

Teaching Nao the robot    ·    Multi-strategy games   ·    Negotiation strategies for e-commerce   ·    Swarm based systems
Norm emergence in agent systems   ·    Trust and reputation in virtual communities   ·    Face recognition in crowds
Semantic query and annotation of images    ·    Ambient control through sensors and cameras
Knowledge acquisition from discussions forums   ·    Intelligent system for polyphonic music composition
Machine learning algorithms for image detection   ·  Algorithms to control UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)  ·   Swarm of hybrid robots

Entry Requirements

Applicants should hold a Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Systems Engineering, Informatics, Mathematics or related areas. Applicants are required to pass an admission examination. More details on entry requirements are to be found here and here.
Foreign student applications will be considered based on the curriculum content of their Bachelor Degree and academic performance.

Programme director
Prof. Adina Magda Florea


University Politehnica of Bucharest
Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers
AI-MAS Laboratory

For any administrative issues and queries, please go to:
Master Studies | ACS -- For details on the admission process;
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Contact Us | ACS -- For details on contacts that can answer your questions regarding the admission process (section: M.Sc. Admission).


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