About the Project

People with dementia demonstrate, from an early stage of the disease, memory loss, episodes of confusion and disorientation in space and time. The latter often happens unpredictably, with consequences that can sometimes be very serious. With the evolution of the disease, loss and worsening can become symptomatic and recurrent events. Currently, family members who, without other solutions, often reach drastic measures, reducing patient freedom. If this is not possible, the people caring for a dementia patient are living in a state of continuous stress. Location-based services have the potential to provide, at an affordable cost, helpful assistance for people caring for people with dementia. Motivated by this context, we propose the development of the IONIS project by exploiting location-based services, monitoring the quality of sleep, communication services to offer a wide range of dementia-specific solutions through continuous support for people with dementia when they are at home or abroad. In order to develop and validate the IONIS solution, a user-centered project involving extensive testing will be used.

For more information visit the IONIS consortium page at | Project code: AAL2017-AAL-2016-074-IONIS-2 (Nr. 53/2.10.2017)

Funded through the AAL program
Funding Unit at National level: UEFISCDI