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Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Agent Systems Laboratory


The Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Agent Systems (AI-MAS) is part of the Center of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence of University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest. AI-MAS Laboratory has been in the front run of AI research, teaching, and application development since its founding in 2001.

Our main research areas are intelligent agents and multi-agent systems, machine learning, ambient intelligence tools and environments, social and assistive robotics, autonomous driving, and context-aware computing.

We believe that AI models and technologies can improve users’ experience and systems’ performance in a plethora of domains, such as medical systems and eHealth, learning platforms, web services, e-business, assisted living, and many others.


We investigate issues related to coordination mechanisms and automated negotiation in multi-agent systems, agent learning, swarm formation and coordination of our own robotic swarm.

We are studying different models of deep neural networks and deep reinforcement learning for recognition and tracking tasks, and for autonomous driving.

We use computer vision and planning techniques to develop specialized software for social robots that interact with people, can interpret people’s action and respond appropriately. We develop software for assistive robots that are able to ensure multi-modal interaction and perform actions for the well-being of people with special needs, thus integrating these robots in our Active and Assisted Living applications to offer a better and user friendly environment.

Recently, we have started research in explainable models of deep neural network recognition tasks.