The Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Agent Systems has two research focuses. First, it is concerned with the development of models and architectures for both multi-agent and single agent systems endowed with artificial intelligent behaviour. We investigate issues related to coordination mechanisms, automated negotiation, agent learning, and affective agents.


A key aspect of the research is the development of technologies that enable agent models to be used in different areas of applications, such as e-commerce, e-learning, supply chain management, and ambient intelligence.


Recently, we have started to investigate issues related to self-organization of complex systems and how agents can contribute to the development of such systems.


The second research focus of AI-MAS laboratory is the connection between web services, semantic representation, and agents on the Web. We direct our efforts towards developing agents that offer semantic web services to support different aspects of business processing and enterprise interoperability.


The Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Agent Systems is part of the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Control and Computers at University Politehnica of Bucharest. The AI-MAS Lab is directed by Professor Adina Magda Florea.


Splaiul Independentei Sector 6

Bucharest 06042, Romania

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