About the Project

Ambient Intelligence (AmI) has nowadays matured enough to become the focus of industry-level projects and European support directives. A foundational subdomain of AmI is that of context management and context-aware computing (provide applications and users with the right information, at the right time, and in the right way).
Context Management covers many research aspects from knowledge representation and reasoning issues to information management concerns. A clear separation of concerns between the main application functionality and contextual adaptation is needed.
Thus, the objective of this project is the creation of an open source context management middleware solution presenting rich features that alleviate context-aware application development.
Work is based on an existing platform called CONSERT, recently developed in the AIMAS research group of UPB. The current project improves upon CONSERT with:

  • performance improvement and modularization of the reasoning engine to support applications of variable complexity requirements,
  • development of an integrated development environment (IDE) for context modeling and deployment to facilitate context-aware application programming based on the CONSERT Middleware,
  • advanced options for OSGi and Docker based deployments of CONSERT processing units to address dynamic change of context within an application (e.g. change of location, change of activity),
  • development of two test applications: Smart Meeting Support for activity monitoring of students and teachers on a campus, and Smart Home User Support for adequate dynamic configuration of services offered in an ambient intelligence environment to assist users at home.

An open web-platform (CONSERT Store) will be setup where software components and configurations of CONSERT processing units can be shared by developers.

The project is developed by the laboratory of humanoid robots and drones of the PRECIS research center (Research Center for products, processes and innovative smart services), part of AIMAS Group (Artificial Intelligence and Multi-Agent Systems) within the Department of Computers of the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers at UPB.