Older Development Projects

Some Older Development Projects: CANTI, I_TRACE, CEC-WYS, Agents Intelligents, Représentation Logique des Connaissances pour les Agents Intelligents, Continuous Education Program on Intelligent Agents Technology and Knowledge Processing, INT200…

DMKM Master Programme – Data Mining and Knowledge Management

Consortium composed of six universities from four countries: France (University of Pierre and Marie Curie Paris 6, University of Lyon Lumière Lyon 2, Polytec’Nantes), Romania (University Polithenica of Bucharest), Italy (University of East Piedmont) and Spain (Technical University of Catalonia).

The Master in DMKM is based on experience in multi-site teaching gained from the Master’s degree in Knowledge Extraction from Data, which has been running since 1999 within three members of the consortium.

Erasmus Mundus Project

Duration: 2010-2016

DigiTwin4CIUE – Digital Twins for Complex Infrastructures and Urban Ecosystems

The Digital Twin for Complex Infrastructures and Urban Ecosystems is an advanced and specialized academic offering designed primarily for industry professionals looking to expand their skills in the rapidly evolving landscape of civil engineering technology. The principal objective of the program is to equip professionals with the necessary tools and knowledge to harness the power of digital twin technologies and apply them in their respective fields to enhance the design, operation, and maintenance of civil infrastructures and urban ecosystems.

The digital twin technology, characterized by the creation of a dynamic virtual clone of a physical entity is quickly becoming a game-changer in the field of civil engineering. It adds to increased efficiency and resilience, as well as cost optimization, by facilitating real-time monitoring, predictive analysis, and informed decision-making processes. The program’s focus on this emerging technology guarantees the delivery of cutting-edge knowledge and practical skills, placing our alumni as market leaders.

Duration: 2022-2025